Best Tours from Tel Aviv

Our boutique tours from Tel Aviv strive to bring the quality of the Tel Aviv boutique hotels to the road, and enable you to discover Israel’s other treasures with experienced tour guides and comfortable guiding vehicles. Tel Aviv is a great base from which to explore Israel and the region beyond, including Petra and Jordan. The tours from Tel Aviv which have been selected by Tel Aviv Boutique Hotels give the greatest insight into the history, beauty, and marvel that this unique country and region have to offer.

Our Picks: The 3 Best Tours from Tel Aviv

Whilst the choice is huge, our selection of the best three tours from Tel Aviv are pretty diverse in nature, but all share the same common theme – they are phenomenal by experience!

Masada and the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv

With tours departing daily from Tel Aviv, Masada and the Dead Sea are two of the most undeniably popular destinations that there are. Masada, the impressive ancient fortress which stands beside the Dead Sea is iconic. Climbing by foot at sunrise, or later on by cable car, the history and natural beauty contrast in a unique and breathtaking nature. Meanwhile, the Dead Sea, known worldwide for many reasons: as the lowest place on earth, for its salty waters which allow you to float, and as the source of so many rich minerals in the rich muds, which are bottled and sold as beauty products around the world. Follow the link for more information about Masada and Dead Sea tours from Tel Aviv and prepare to enjoy an unforgettable day that should never be forgotten.Masada (1)

Petra from Tel Aviv

Whilst Petra, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, is in the neighboring country of Jordan, it is still super accessible from Tel Aviv, with tours to Petra from Tel Aviv departing daily in many varieties and lengths, from one day, to three days and longer. Petra, and bundled with it, Jordan and the other highlights of the Hashemite Kingdom, is truly breathtaking, its marvel and wonder is simply spectacular. Tours to Petra from Tel Aviv depart daily and multiple itineraries allow for the selection of the ultimate tour package.


Jerusalem Tours from Tel Aviv

One must not forget Jerusalem, the eternal and holiest city of them all, which, at just one hour’s drive from Tel Aviv is super accessible. Its Old City, with the four quarters each housing sites of unrivalled historic and religious importance redefines the word ‘rich’, and puts other historic sites into the shadows, stealing their limelight with its never-ending stream of fascination. From the basic introductions to Jerusalem, to more in depth looks at the city’s many angles, tours to Jerusalem are available daily, and are a must for anyone who has yet to visit the city.


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